Traditional Estonian Log-Building Workshop

Toimumise aeg: 23.03–28.03.2015



Traditional Estonian Log-Building Workshop

We’re happy to announce a six-day, all-inclusive log-building workshop in Estonia in March 2015. This is a valuable chance to learn about Estonian carpentry both in theory and practice, from some of the country’s pre-eminent builders and scholars.

Over the six-day workshop, you’ll learn traditional Estonian log-building by cutting and raising a traditional “suitsusaun,” or “smoke sauna,” a small log building that is an iconic form in Estonian vernacular architecture.  Workshop participants will also learn about the historical and cultural context of log-building in Estonia, and about historic buildings and restoration techniques.

The workshop curriculum include visit to a nearby shop specializing in traditional clay and earth plastering, a tour of open-air museum and a visitation the workshops of local log-building companies.

The course will be hosted by Vanaajamaja, an Estonian non-profit dedicated to establishing training programs, disseminating information, and generally serving as a center of Estonian traditional building and log house renovation for the professional and general public alike. Vanaamaja has been hosting workshops and organizing training courses for Estonian carpenters since 1998.

Over the last few years several international projects have been taking place including the Jaruska covered bridge project in summer 2012 and log-building workshop for international group in spring 2014.

The course will be held in the Vanaajamaja Training Center, a complex of restored stone and timber buildings surrounding 16th-century Mooste Manor.  Accommodations are at the Mooste guesthouse, which is a restored outhouse of historic manor complex.

All meals will be provided, with an emphasis on local, home-cooked Estonian food.

Participants are not expected to have any log building experience.

Cost: 650 euros ($900).

This price includes everything in-country: transport, tuition, accommodation, meals, organized field-trips. Participants are responsible for their own plane tickets, travel insurance, and extra-curricular costs like concert tickets. Space is limited to 6 participants; please register early.

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