August 10-15, 2023
Abruka island, Saaremaa, Estonia

In 2023 we were invited by local community and priest Ants Tooming to build a new small log chapel to Abruka island. The log walls were pre-built in Vanaajamaja Mooste shop during the spring. In August during 5 days workshop the following works were undertaken – erecting log walls, building of the shingle roof and tower, installing windows-door, builing of the floor and stairs and many other smaller works by 15 volunteers.

The architect of the chapel is Laur Pihel.

Abruka is a tiny island south of Estonian biggest island Saaremaa, on the edge of the world. To get there one first needs to take a ferry boat to Estonian biggest island Saaremaa, drive to it’s capital Kuressaare and then take another smaller boat to Abruka. 

Contact: Andres Uus, +372 5250 516,

Follow the building process and services in the chapel at MTÜ Abruka Kabel.