Andres Uus is the co-founder of Vanaajamaja and it is very much thanks to his enthusiasm and expertise that today we have fully renovated training centre in Mooste and a wide variety of courses every year. He is a founder and partner of log building company Hobbiton since 1997 and logbuilding lecturer in Estonian University of Life Sciences. But the core of Andres’s heart belongs to old wooden houses, therefore he also runs projects to rescue houses that has lost the hope to survive.

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Ragner Lõbu was one of the first log building teacher in Estonia in mid-1990s. As one of the co-founders of Vanaajamaja, he has been a visionary of the organisation from the very beginning. Ragner and Andres are co-authors of a log-building handbook published in 2007. Ragner is also a partner in log building company Hobbiton.

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Margus Palolill is carpenter and teacher of Estonian traditional log-building. Born and raised in Southeast Estonia where heritage buildings are still amply present, he started with carpentry at 2002, first taking interest in shingle roofs and later in various traditional building styles – log-house, timberframe and earth building. He joined Vanaajamaja team in 2009 and is presently one of the tutors in our popular heritage building courses. His company Metsaveere Meistrid provides carpentry and building services.

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Ahti Puksa is on of the main log building tutor in Vanaajamaja. He first worked as a master in log building companies and has experience as a carpenter from 2000. From 2014 he runs his own one-man-company Ahkra Palkmajad, which builds new and restores old log buildings.




Piret Uus ensures the smooth workings of the organization. Piret’s ability to manage projects, raise funds and develop new training courses are essential to our operations. If you have a cooperation proposal, Piret is the right person to turn to.

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Mari Palolill joined the VAM team in 2009 and her consistancy and attention to detail are crucial in our applications for funds and ongoing donor communications. Presently she helps with project management and is constantly brainstorming on new fundraising opportunities.

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Ahto Raudoja is expert in wooden roofs and Seto architecture and he is counseling the owners of old houses in South-East Estonia. If you want to have an inspiring tour of traditional Seto architecture or local religious buildings, there is hardly anyone who knows the topic better.

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