Avalik loeng: A World Wide Survey of Log Crib History and Traditions

Toimumise aeg: 22.09.2015

Tumulus MM

The Log Crib As Shelter: A World Wide Survey of Log Crib History and Traditions

Aeg: 22. septembril kell 16.15-17.45
Koht: Eesti Maaülikooli Metsamaja (Kreutzwaldi 5, ruum 1B2, Tartu)
Esineja: Douglass Reed (konsultant, Ameerika)

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The use of logs for shelter was the first permanent home for man and animal after the cave and brush houses were abandoned in favor of the new and evolving log crib technology appeared on the scene over 8,000 years ago.  Doug Reed will present what little is known of a historical review concerning the pre-historic origins and developments of the log crib as shelter.  He will continue with a brief survey of log building traditions as they have been practiced around the globe.

Doug Reed has 43 years of experience as a vernacular architectural historian, craftsman and technical consultant to organizations, governments, architects, engineers and owners on a wide range of historic building types.  He is a specialist in historic materials conservation and has focused most of his time on traditional log buildings.  He has been in the forefront of developing the investigative processes used for initial condition assessments of historic structures.

Since 2010 he has been performing research all over the world tracing the earliest known sources for log crib structures and its development and diffusion. Doug has researched log structures intensively over most of the US and Canada.  He has performed field studies in Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden and Finland.  This is his second trip to Estonia where he hopes to spend September finishing his studies in Estonia.  From here he heads on down into Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Northern Germany before heading by to his home in Pennsylvania US.  He will continue researching historic log crib practices throughout the areas of Europe he has not yet visited  and other parts of the world that have log crib traditions.  He plans to start publishing his data next year which is expected to reach up to seven volumes of information.

Photo: Doug examining the oldest standing log crib in the world located in Turkey and dated 742 B.C. It was the burial tomb for King Gordius of the Phrygian Kingdom, known as Tumulus MM.


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