Woodworking in Estonia by Ants Viires

Viires cover

A cult classic “Woodworking in Estonia” by Ants Viires, Estonian grand old man in ethnology, is now available also in Vanaajamaja training center in Mooste.

We also send it by SmartPost in the country.

Price: 32,70 eur + shipping 2,60

For ordering send a letter info@vanaajamaja (Name of the package recipient, phone number, location of the package terminal).

You can order it also form many re-cellers in America and Europe.

You can read from the publisher’s page: “Woodworking in Estonia” is an important piece of evidence in understanding how our ancestors worked wood and understood it more intimately than we do. Viires records in great detail everything from the superstitions surrounding the harvesting of wood (should you whistle in the forest?) to detailed descriptions of how the Estonians dried the wood, bent it, steamed it and even buried it in horse dung to shape it for their needs.”