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Estonian classic “Woodworking in Estonia” by Ants Viires is a new translation that was published by Lost Art Press in 2016. The publisher introduces the book as following: 

““Woodworking in Estonia” is an important piece of evidence in understanding how our ancestors worked wood and understood it more intimately than we do. Viires records in great detail everything from the superstitions surrounding the harvesting of wood (should you whistle in the forest?) to detailed descriptions of how the Estonians dried the wood, bent it, steamed it and even buried it in horse dung to shape it for their needs.

Viires covers, in detail, the hand tools used by the Estonian, including many that will be unfamiliar to moderns (a beehive turner?). He then discusses all the different products Estonians made for their own use and for sale in the markets, including bent-wood boxes, chairs, chests, tables, sleds, carriages, spinning wheels, spoons, tobacco pipes, bowls and beer tankards.

While not a book of plans, “Woodworking in Estonia” is a source of immense inspiration for any woodworker looking to forge a close relationship with wood and the things that can be made from it.” 

Author: Ants Viires
Translator: Mart Aru
Editor: Peter Follansbee
290 pages
Published by Lost Art Press 2016

ISBN 978-0-9906230-9-0



Introduction to the English Language Edition

The Twisting Translation Tale

Foreword to the Second Edition


Literature, Materials & Methods
The Role Playe by Woodworking in the Peasants’ Life


  1. Timber
  2. The Principal Tools
  3. Processing Logs. Hollowing Work and Sealed Containers
  4. Board Containers
  5. Objects Made by Bending
  6. Other Bending Work. Building Vehicles
  7. The Production of Shingles and Other Small Objects
  8. Turnery
  9. Furniture Making and Ohter Carpentry Work


  1. The Village Craftsman
  2. Home Industry



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Lost Art Press

Woodworking in Estonia  is published by Lost Art Press in USA .

Order your copy directly form the publisher or any of thier resellers in the world.