Project name: Take the Challenge!

Funder: Central Baltic Programme

Lead partner: Bulduri Horticultural School (Jurmala, Latvia)

Partner: NGO Vanaajamaja

Project lenght: May 2023 – Oct 2024

Budget: 262 012 eur

Project aim and activities: 

The main aim of the project is to increase employment opportunities in traditional timber framing in Baltic state. To secure our target audience with described opportunity, timber framing knowledge will be gathered in Baltic region and shared to target group increasing their competence level and, therefore, competitiveness. 

Project tasks are to provide solutions and create opportunities to acquire basic traditional woodworking and timber framing skills in short as possible time but using most appropriate teaching approach through practical training and in efficient way to acquire competence leading to employment or even in future own small business start-up.

Consultants from Sweden will be involved in project successful realization as external experts sharing their knowledge in traditional timber framing as well as know-how in training program organization.

Up-coming training programs, workshops, meetings and eduational manuals will be presented here during the project. 

Contact in Estonia:  Piret Uus, NGO Vanaajamaja project manager, 

Contact in Latvia: Aija Livmane, Bulduri Horticultural School project manager