Estonian enterprise Hobbiton and NGO Vanaajamaja carried through an international community-service building project of COVERED WOODEN BRIDGE in North-Eastern Estonia in August 2012.

The bridge was built as replacement for former bridge flown away by spring floods. Over the course of four weeks, an international crew  of volunteers from USA, France and UK constructed and erected the Estonian first covered bridge.

PHOTOS of the building process in 2012
and PHOTOS of the finalized bridge in 2013

Parameters of the bridge:

Length: 26,4m
Width: 4,7m
Height: 6,7m

Material used: 70 m3 local saw material
Construction: 80% of the construction is glued laminated timber with iron joints; roof construction is traditional timber frame.
Drawing: Sideview
Location: North-Eastern Estonia, Tudulinna parish, Lemmaku village, Rannapungerja river LINK to the MAP


Builder: OÜ Hobbiton
Engineer: Illimar Kalk
Contracting entity: NGO Tuletorn
Donor: European Agricultural Fund for the Rural Development (EAFRD)
Workshop organizer: NGO Vanaajamaja
Partners: Tudulinna Municipality, OÜ Kaarlaid, OÜ Mettro, OÜ Mettro Tehnika, AS Würth, local enterprices, local inhabitants, Enterprice Estonia, Estonian Woodhouse Association, Hobbiton OÜ, Tender Ehitus OÜ, Vipson Projekt OÜ, Majand OÜ, Kodu Talu OÜ.


Project manager: Andres Uus, phone +372 5250516; info@vanaajamaja.ee
Master carpenter: Will Wallace-Gusakov