Estonian Traditional Logbuilding. A practical introduction

This is an English version of a practical booklet by Andres Uus and Ragner Lõbu published first in Estonian in 2007. The goal of this booklet is to give a brief practical introduction to the methods, joinery and principles of traditional Estonian log building to carpenters and log builders from around the world.

Authors: Andres Uus, Ragner Lõbu
Translation: Mari Kaisel
Editing: Margus Palolill, Priit-Kalev Parts, Will Gusakov
29 pages
Published by MTÜ Vanaajamaja 2017
ISBN 978-9949-88-192-5


Table of Contents:


  1. Glossary
  2. Timber
  3. Structure
  4. Log walls
  5. Assemblage of the log building
  6. Blueprints for some traditional buildings