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ELM TIMBER FRAMING COURSE, 8th & 9th of May 2018, Hertfordshire, UK.
To build a traditional farmyard barn made of Elm at Churchfield Farm, Tewin, Hertfordshire.
Based on local 18th Century Hertfordshire barns, using pegged mortice and tennons, cut with hand tools and set out in the traditional way.
We will layout the locally sourced Elm timbers on trestles to create the scarfed plates, jowl posts, tie beams, arched braces, studs and rafters.
Over two days, traditional mortice and tennon joints will layed-out, plumb-bobed, scribed and cut, along with an Oak pegs made with a drawknife on a shave horse.
The course leader is Robert Somerville.
Robert is an Architect and carpenter with 25 years experience of working on vernacular buildings and has a life long fascination for
trees, timber and traditional hand tools.
Total course fee: £150.
The course includes lunch and refreshments.
All tools provided. Course dates: 8th & 9th of May 2018.
Suitable for everyone and will be a unique and memorable experience.
The frame will be raised by hand in September 2018.
Please book as soon as you can since places are limited.
For more details contact Robert Somerville on 01438 798 223 or robertjsomerville@gmail.com
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